Mobile SDK Enrolment, how it works

To proceed with your enrolment in the Navionics Mobile SDK program, we kindly ask you to provide Navionics with some necessary information. Please follow the simple steps described below and you will be able to join our Developer Program.

Step 1: Managing Your Navionics developer Account

The information provided on this page will be used to identify you as candidate for our Developer Program. Moreover, in case of acceptance of your nomination,   we will use such information to compile  the terms and conditions and to contact you , in case of need, for support related topics.

Step 2: Finalization of the agreement

Download and read carefully our agreement, sign it and send it to our Developer Program inbox.

By sending the signed document, you will confirm that you have read and agreed to the Legal Agreement.

Our legal office will review your candidature and provide you with a positive or negative feedback.

In case of a  positive answer,  you will have full access to the development framework (SDK).


Step 3: The development phase of your App

At this point,  you are ready to start with the development of  your application and integrate it with Navionics cartography.

In order to allow your App to exploit Navionics Services,  you will need to go through the configuration of a Sandbox Token in to the Mobile SDK.  This will allow you to test the behavior of your App, during its development phases, with a subset of the official Navionics cartography.

In case of specific needs, You can also ask Navionics to provide you with additional cartography resources  like small area with real nautical data or testing authorized user.  We will be glad to evaluate your request.

We will be glad to be part of your Beta program to see your progresses in integrating the Navionics SDK.


Step 4: Releasing your App on the market

Before going live with your App,  you will need to replace the Sandbox Token with the Production Token in order to get the full power of Navionics Data.