Enhance your website or mobile app with our detailed charts. Interactive Navionics charts can be displayed on third-party apps (Apple® or Android™ devices) and websites. If you are a marine-related publisher, organization, electronics manufacturer, app developer, charter company, fishing forum or other company and want to embed our cutting-edge cartography in your app or website, click below to get started.

Mobile SDK


The Web API service is currently unavailable

Mobile SDK

Display interactive Navionics charts, provide location search tools search for and exploit other features adding just a few lines of code in your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile app.

To use our Mobile SDK in your app, you need a developer token. This is a short alphanumeric code that allows your application to be authorized to use Navionics cartography and SDK features. Each token can be downloaded from this portal after the approval process and is managed via your developer console.
To access Navionics charts from your application, users must have an active subscription in their Navionics Boating app and register with their Navionics credentials.

All you need to start using Navionics is an access token: it’s a short code that lets you use your Navionics account’s capabilities. You can use the same access token with our interactive mapping libraries, React and JavaScript SDKs, and even directly against our REST APIs.


We plan to make Navionics charts available on more and more platforms.

Fork our samples and try them yourself.

Third party apps that support Navionics cartography

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